DoubleStar Corp. 3Gun Nation shooting team


    spaceTom Carpenter


    A respected competitor in USPSA, IDPA, NFA and 3-Gun events, Tom has won numerous State, Area, Regional and National championships and continues to be a top contender in venues throughout the country. He maintains GrandMaster classifications in practical shooting as well as being a 5-Gun Master. With nearly twenty years of competition experience and the resulting skills, Tom has developed a unique perspective regarding small arms of all types.  His preference for handgun is those patterned after the venerable 1911 and typically chooses Mr. Stoners invention for his rifle needs.


    Current Sponsors include DoubleStar, STI, Rainier Ballistics, Fiocchi of America, AlumaGrip, Briley Mfg, A.R.M.S. Inc. and Storm Lake Barrels.


    Top Finishes
    • FNHUSA 3 Gun Championship: 3rd Overall Limited
    • Larue 3 Gun Championship: 7th Overall
    • DPMS Tri Gun Challenge: 4th Overall
    • Blue Ridge Mountain 3 Gun: Top 15
    • Rockcastle Pro Am: Top 20
    • Several 1st Place finishes in USPSA Matches Across the Country
    • IDPA Champion
    • Shotgun Champion

    spaceJeff Cramblit


    Prior NRA certified instructor, International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI) member, Reserve Police Officer, Surefire Officer Low Light Survival Instructor, Ft Benning 3 Gun Range Master.
    I have trained with outstanding instructors at Combative Concepts, Surefire Institute, Viking Tactics, CRTC, Bill Rogers, FBI instructor course, more.
    On US Team for the 2012 IPSC Work Shotgun Championship in Hungary

    I have trained military, LE and civilians, I’m a USPSA Grand Master, IDPA Master, Top 3 Gunner, US Navy Pistol & Rifle Expert.


    Some accomplishments are:
    • 2012 3 Gun Nation Top 8 Finale Event 4th
    • FNH 3 Gun Nation Championship Event- 8th
    • FNH 3 Gun Championship 16th
    • 2011 AR15.COM PRO AM Match Director (Largest 3 Gun in US history)
    • FMG Industry Masters 2010 winning Pro Team Member (5 man team)
    • USPSA 3 Gun Nationals Top 16 multiple years
    • Alabama State Pistol Champion multiple years
    • Alabama State 3 Gun Champion multiple years
    • USPSA Area 6 3 Gun Champion
    • Florida Open High Single Stack Champion
    • Top 10 at DPMS, Ft Benning, Larue Tactical, MGM, Blue Ridge 3 gun events multiple years
    • Barrett Mammoth Sniper Challenge 2011 2nd Military
    • Practical Marksman Challenge 2009/2010 2nd/ 4th overall
    • IPSC North American Championship 1992 Top 16


    Participated in Soldier of Fortune World 3 Gun, National Tactical Invitational, High Power Rifle, Sniper Competitions, Sportsman Team Challenge, Bianchi Cup, Sporting Clays, USPSA & IDPA Pistol Competitions, European Practical Shotgun Championship, IPSC World Shoot and Practical 3 Gun Competitions.

    spaceBrian Vaught


    Brian lives in Elizabethtown, KY with his wife and two kids. He transitioned from USPSA pistol to 3gun in 2009, when he shot Blue Ridge as first Major. Since then, Brian regularly shoots several majors a year to include KY State, Ozarks, FNH, Texas Mulitgun, FB3G, Blue Ride, and Rockcastle Pro-Am. Tac Irons is his favorite division, but Brian has been shooting Tac Optics in the 3GN pro series.  Current sponsors include DoubleStar, Samson, Grace Ammo, and Highlander Arms.


    Top Finishes
    • 5th limited Fort Benning 2009
    • KY State Champ-Tac-Irons 2010
    • KY State Champ Tac-Irons 2011
    • 4th Ozarks Tac-Irons 2011
    • 4th FNH Tac-Irons 2011
    • 3rd Ozarks Tac-Irons 2012
    • 3rd Blue Ridge Tac-Irons 2012

    spaceBryan Ray


    After competing in USPSA pistol matches for a few years, Kentucky native Bryan Ray discovered the sport of 3 Gun at the 2009 Blue Ridge Mountain 3 Gun at Rockcastle Shooting Center.  With the challenge of the stages, camaraderie of the shooters, and the great equipment of the game, this match was the catalyst for what has become a passion for the sport, both shooting matches and volunteering as a Range Officer.
    Qualifying for the 3 Gun Nation Pro Series in 2012, Bryan made a transition from the Heavy Metal division to Tac Optics, finishing the season ranked 30th and earning a spot at the 3 Gun Nation Rumble on the Range.
    Bryan is married, has two boys (ages 7 and 3) and works as a Project Manager/ Estimator for his family’s electrical contracting business in central Kentucky.


    Top Finishes
    • ‘12 3 Gun Nation Pro Series 30th
    • ‘12 Blue Ridge Mountain Tac Optics 6th
    • ‘12 AR15/Rockcastle Pro Am 27th
    • ‘11 Kentucky State Multi-Gun Heavy Metal 1st
    • ‘10 Fort Benning 3 Gun Heavy Metal 1st
    • ‘12 Ozark 3 Gun Heavy Metal 2nd

    spaceAndrew Dreher


    Andrew Dreher is not only a competitive shooter, but the sales and tech support technician for Samson Manufacturing.   Originally from Ohio, Andrew and his wife made the move to New Hampshire to work for Samson in June, 2010.  His 3 Gun career began in 2011 when Samson Mfg. decided to become a big part of the competitive shooting scene.  Andrew currently shoots in the 3 Gun Nation Semi Pro division and is striving to achieve Pro status this season to join his teammates on team Samson/ DoubleStar Bryan Ray and Brian Vaught.  While rifle shooting is his strong suit, Andrew keeps his pistol skills honed while shooting IDPA where he won his very first match, the S&W indoor nationals in 2012.  He continues to improve and place among the top pros at every major match he competes in.  Andrew’s current sponsors include Samson Mfg., DoubleStar, Grace Ammo, and Highlander Arms.

    spaceWarren Becker


    Warren shot and competed on the IPSC pistol circuit back in his home country of South Africa from 2003 through 2010. He was a law enforcement firearms instructor with the state conservation agency, Kwa-Zulu Natal Nature Conservation Board. He is a current member of I.A.L.E.F.I. (International Association of Law-Enforcement Firearms Instructors). Warren moved to the United States in 2011as a permanent resident with his wife who is originally from Oregon. Relatively new to the world of 3-gun, Warren started shooting in 2011. He has shot all his matches in Limited division and really enjoys shooting irons. In 2012 he signed up for the 3-Gun Nation Semi-Pro series and managed to finish number one in the rankings. Warren was invited to the final shoot-offs in Las Vegas where he managed to win the title of 3-Gun Nation Semi-pro champion 2012/2013.
    Warren has signed up for and will be competing in the 3-Gun Nation Divisional series for the 2013 season.
    He lives in Ephrata Washington with his wife and their two dogs
    Current sponsor:  Double Star Corp.


    2011 MGM Ironman: 4th Limited Division
    2011 USPSA Multigun Nationals: 5th Limited Division
    2011 Inland Empire Multigun: 1st Limited Division
    2012 Superstition Mountain Mystery 3Gun: 10th Limited Division
    2012 Ephrata Sportsman spring Multigun: 1st Limited Division
    2012 MGM Ironman: 1st Limited Division
    2012 NW Multigun Challenge: 2nd Limited Division
    2012 Seekins Precision Multigun: 1st Limited Division
    2012 FNH Multigun: 2nd Limited Division
    2012 3 Gun Nation Semi-pro: Rank 1

    2012/2013  3Gun Nation Semi-Pro Champion.

    2013 Superstition Mountain Mystery 3Gun: 7th Limited Division